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Tendon Grip Sock Equine Therapy | Kentucky Horsewear


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The Tendon Grip Sock protects the horse’s legs against boot rubs, scratches, bacteria, fungus or dirt and also provides extra support for the tendon.

It can also be used to ice a spot that an ice boot can’t reach like a knee or a spot higher up.

Every eventing rider should have a roll of Tendon Grip in their show kit for those emergencies when you need to ice an awkward spot or manage a boot rub on cross country.

Ideal for horses that have sensitive hoof bulb and pastern while wearing overreach boots, the sock feels like a second skin and does not bother.

Very easy to use, you just need to cut the roll to the desired length and pull the sock over the hoof into place.

We recommend attaching the sock to the top of the boot and to the hoof with our Tesa Tape to make sure it stays in place.

The Tendon Grip Sock is re-usable as it is machine washable at 30° (no dryer). 

  • Second skin that provides more support 
  • Protects against boot rubs, bacteria, fungus and dirt 
  • Easy, safe and quick to use 
  • Cut product to the desired length 
  • Re-usable 
  • Measurement: Black: 3m / White: 5m
Tendon Grip Sock Equine Therapy | Kentucky Horsewear

Tendon Grip Sock Equine Therapy | Kentucky Horsewear