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Summer Rugs and Fly Masks

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    Summer Horse Rugs & Horse Fly Masks

    Summer Horse Rugs & Horse Fly Masks are essential products for any avid horse rider in the warmer months.

    Summer Horse Rugs

    When the weather warms up so do your horses, that's why it's important to change up the horse rugs in Summer to a lighter weight, breathable material that guards your horse from the sun but still protects them from the elements. View our Mesh Horse Rugs - The perfect addition to any Summer collect below.

    And if you're looking for ways to store those winter horse rugs - head over to our blog for 6 handy tips.

    AND if your winter horse rugs need some care, read our Winter Rug Care Guide 

    Fly Masks for Sensitive Horses

    One of the most sensitive areas on the body of any animal is the face and head. All five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) are captured there so it’s essential that the fly mask you choose provides for a soft and comfortable fit, doesn’t hinder your horse’s vision or hearing and has no sharp irritating edges. 

    Fly masks come in a few key categories with some nifty features to suit a horse’s specific need and preference:

    • Full Face Mask - great all over protection against flies, midges and the sun.
    • Fly Mask with Ears - for horses who are prone to suffering midge bites.
    • Fly Masks without Ears - for horses that cannot tolerate anything touching their ears.
    • Muzzle Fringe Fly Masks - for horses that don’t like nose covering, or need protection from the flies and midges with added UV protection.
    • Detachable Nose - perfect for horses who are very sensitive to flies or midges around their muzzle who are sensitive to the sun and need added UV protection.


    Whilst we offer standard fly masks for your horse we also offer products with a little extra coverage for those sensitive souls who are a little more affected by the sun with Fly Masks for Horses with ears and nose coverings.

    Our Horse Fly Masks are made from a variety of materials including Lycra, Mesh Polyester featuring anti-rub bindings for a superior comfort fit.