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Ultimate Dressage Show Packing Guide

Ultimate dressage show packing guide with free checklist

Entering for a Dressage competition is the easy part!   

Actually delivering a perfect 6 minutes of test riding....well that’s the challenge!

So much preparation goes into those 6 minutes. 

YEARS of training!

HOURS of coaching! 

So what can you do to help your horse perform at their best in that moment?


Preparation, preparation, preparation!


And that’s where we thought we could help!

We know you already have a fantastic coach, mentor and support network that is making sure your training is on track. Well done!
We’re here to help you in the days leading up to your competition.
Making sure you are arriving at the show with everything you need and ready for your horse to perform at their best.
Knowing you have everything you will need on the day will help you to feel less stressed and able to fully focus on your horses performance!
Claim your FREE printable checklist to make packing for your next Dressage show a breeze!

What’s inside?

Our guide will help you to feel more organised the next time you compete at a dressage show by:
  • Making sure you never forget a water bucket or haynet again!
  • Sharing some of our top tips for organising your tack for a dressage show
  • Giving you a printable and reuseable packing checklist that you can even customise with your own must haves!
  • Helping you to feel confident you have everything you need for your horse so that you can focus on preparing for your test!
Happy Riding!