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    Boots For Horses

    Looking for the latest tech for boots for horses?

    Shop our wide range of boots for horses. Including Therapy boots like Cold Water, Gel Ice Boots and Compression Boots. Exercise and Eventing Boots, Hock Boots, Brushing Horse Boots, Tendon Boots & Fly Boots for Horses.

    Ice Boots for Horses

    There are many different materials used in ice therapy boots for horses ranging from traditional boots that require ice cubes to newer technology like gel ice boots, compression ice boots and specially fitting styles including ice boots for horses hocks, knees and stifle joints. Read more about the benefits of ice boots for horses here, in our blog.

    Therapy Boots for Horses

    Our range help prevent and reduce swelling, cool tendons after exercise or competition and aid in treating injuries. With the latest in Magnet & Infrared technology our boots combine compression and pressure techniques. 

    Shop Horse Boots Online with Afterpay

    Strap up now, pay later with boots for your horse from Active Equine and Afterpay. We’ve made it easy to purchase boots for horses with Afterpay, where you can purchase horse boots online, and pay for them later.