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    Wraps or bandages for your horses legs are often a great way to protect the legs from any type of injury during exercise or rest.

    When stabled, wraps and horse fleece bandages can help to reduce the risk of bedding or shavings which occurs when certain types of products are used in the stall. These materials can induce colic-like symptoms when it comes in contact with hooves.

    Our horse bandages and wraps are great for their legs as they repel shavings due to their smooth fibres. They are extremely breathable for better air circulation and feature a heavy-duty Velcro fastening.

    What are horse fleece bandages used for?

    Horse bandages or wraps can be used to wrap horses legs whilst being stabled to avoid bedding, when exercising to prevent injury and can even be used to protect exisiting wounds like cuts and gashes.