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    Stable Boots For Horses

    Shop our range of horse stable boots. Offering Mud Fever turnout boots, cold water boots, stable boot wraps and ice boots for horses. Ensure your horse recovers properly, and is in its best shape with our collection of stable boots for horses.

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    Looking for horse stable boots or stable boot wraps?

    Boots and bandages are an essential part of your tack kit. They come into use when transporting your horse or when out in the paddock.

    Because the lower part of your horse's legs lack protective muscle, they can be easily stressed or injured. This can happen during periods of activity when horses knock their legs against each other or against solid objects. Stress and swelling can also occur when your horse stands still for periods of time.

    High quality stable boots provide the protection your horse required when they need it most. Stable boots can be slipped over your horse's leg and fastened whilst stable boot wraps are wound around. Stable boots are usually made of materials like leather, sheepskin, gel, plastic or neoprene, whilst bandages comprise of soft stretchy fabrics.

    But which is best to use? Check out our range of high quality horse stable boots here. You are sure to find what you need. If you have any questions, sure to reach out to us and we can help you determine the product type you need.

    While you're at it, make sure to also check out our range of ice boots and cold water therapy for horses products including gel ice boots and compression ice boots. 

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