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    At Active Equine, Australia's leading online saddlery you'll only find high quality horse bridles & bridleware products that are stylish, affordable and functional.

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    Fitting horse bridles - correctly!

    A well fitting bridle should have all the side buckles roughly in line with the horse’s eye when fitted to the middle adjustment holes, with plenty of extra holes so that it can be adjusted up or down. Looking for a more comprehensive guide? Read our How to How To Fit A Bridle - CORRECTLY!

    Horse Reins

    Shop our premium range of horse reins made from Italian Leather. High quality products that are soft on the hands and durable in Australian weather.

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    Strap up now, pay later with bridles and bits for your horse from Active Equine and Afterpay. We’ve made it easy to purchase horse bridles & bridleware with Afterpay, where you can purchase horse gear online now, and pay for it later.