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    Shop our range of horse girths including specialised girths for sensitive horses.

    Your choice of girth can have a dramatic effect on the comfort of your horse, including the way the saddle fits and is stabilised on your horses back. When your horse has a correctly fitted girth, you can notice improved performance, including better shoulder freedom, longer stride length, calmer behaviour when tacking up (less biting or kicking out) as well as an overall improvement in your horses ability to relax and work freely.

    Sheepskin Horse Girths

    If your horse is sensitive to regular girths - our range of Kentucky Horsewear Sheepskin Girths + Sheepskin Anatomic Girths are the perfect alternative. 

    Sheepskin girths lining is attached with Velcro and is therefore easy to remove. These horse girths come with a set of two sheepskin liners.

    Our range includes girthing options for dressage and jumping saddles.