Active Equine Top Five Saddle Pads for Comfort and Performance

As horse riders, we know that selecting the right saddle pad is crucial for both our horse’s comfort and our performance in the saddle. With countless options on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect match. At Active Equine we’ve showcase five of our more popular saddle pads that offer the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and performance. From dressage saddle pads, half saddle pads to jump saddle pads, these products are sure to make a difference in your horse's comfort and your ride.

PEI Wool Half European Saddle Pad - is the perfect choice for horse owners who want the best for their horse. The close contact design ensures maximum feel and sensitivity, while the high-quality merino wool lining provides exceptional comfort and moisture-wicking properties. With its stylish design and durable construction, this dressage square saddle pad is perfect for competition and training. 

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Key features of this dressage square saddle pad:

  • Knitted merino wool onto cotton yarn for maximum comfort 
  • High-quality cotton and half-lining with grade 1 Merino wool
  • European style cut-away hem with decorative twisted rope edging
  • New spine and girth cover design to reduce pressure points
  • Anti-rub protection with 600 denier polyester girth cover and adjustable Velcro straps
  • Wicking & wool fibres draw away moisture for minimal heat and sweat build-up
  • Machine washable (30°) for easy maintenance
  • Length of 66cms and depth of 56cms, with a high wither design for added protection
  • 100% cotton top and bottom with 100% polyester wicking fibre filling and 100% merino wool

This dressage saddle pad comes with a reusable zip-fastened storage bag which not only helps keep your tack room tidy but also makes it easier to carry your saddle pad around.

This wool saddle pad is perfect for everyday or competition use, providing superior comfort and protection for your horse while ensuring style and sophistication in the dressage arena.

Azzure Anti Slip Satin Dressage Saddle Pad - this non-slip saddle pad combines classic elegance with advanced technology. Crafted with skill and optimum design features, the Azzure Anti Slip Satin Dressage Saddle Pad delivers on appearance and functionality. Its advanced lining helps keep your horse comfortable and wicks moisture away from their skin during exercise. The anti-slip technology ensures your saddle stays securely in place, while the cushioned comfort panel provides shock absorption and even pressure distribution.

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Key product features include:

  • Tech grip anti-slip gel helps secure saddle in place
  • Non-slip saddle pad liner and anti-slip wither pad roll
  • High wither design and 100g cushioned comfort panel for even pressure distribution
  • Quilted outer with luxury satin finish and desirable detailing
  • Wicking fibre fill and anti-static & anti-bacterial lining
  • Anti-rub protection with 600-denier polyester girth panel
  • Machine washable and comes with a reusable storage bag

This non-slip gel saddle pad is perfect for those seeking an exclusive look with modern technical performance. Plus, it comes in a complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bag to keep your tack room tidy when not in use. Get the ultimate in comfort and style with the Azzure Anti Slip Satin Dressage Saddle Pad.

PEI Azzure Anti-Slip Sheepskin Half Pad - introducing the ultimate combination of luxurious comfort and advanced technology for your horse. Crafted with skill and designed with the optimum attention to detail, this unique saddle pad delivers appearance and functionality.

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Key features of the Azzure Anti-Slip Sheepskin Half Pad:

  • Luxuriously soft and comfortable genuine sheepskin lining provides maximum cushioning and shock absorption
  • The sheepskin lining is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • An anti-slip Tech Grip gel layer helps keep your saddle securely in place, even during the most rigorous rides
  • An anatomically shaped top line with a rolled edge provides extra comfort
  • The pad is contoured to follow the shape of your horse's back for optimal fit and comfort
  • A 600-denier polyester girth panel provides additional anti-slip protection and anti-rub properties
  • The pad is finished with elegant detailing and premium-quality branding
  • Machine washable (30°), dry naturally for easy maintenance
  • Dimensions: Length = 55cm, Width = 46cm

Packaged in a reusable zip-fastened storage bag for your convenience, this pad is the epitome of luxury and practicality.

Ideal for those who want the ultimate combination of style, comfort, and performance, the Azzure Anti-Slip Sheepskin Half Pad is the perfect addition to any professional horse rider’s collection.

Kentucky Horsewear Dressage Saddle Pad Velvet - Experience the ultimate in style with the Dressage Saddle Pad Velvet from Kentucky Horsewear. This dressage saddle pad is perfect for any equestrian enthusiast, designed to provide excellent cushioning between your horse's back and the saddle while protecting against friction.

Dressage Saddle Pads - Active Equine

This saddle pad is functional and fashionable, featuring a dressage-shaped design and star quilting. The double-twisted piping adds an extra touch of elegance to this already stylish saddle pad. Plus, with the subtle artificial leather logo placed in a central, slightly higher place, there's always room for embroidery of your logo if desired.

Additional features include:

  • Nylon girth strap for easy removal
  • Breathable fabric and construction that minimises rubbing and chafing
  • Star quilting
  • Double twisted piping
  • Dressage shaped
  • Room to embroider

Complete the look with a Sheepskin Halter from Kentucky Horsewear and make a statement in the arena. 

Choose the Dressage Saddle Pad Velvet for an unbeatable combination of style and function.

Kentucky Horsewear Dressage Saddle Pad Colour Edition - is a professionally tailored dressage saddle pad with a sophisticated wave quilting design. Its artificial leather binding and subtle Kentucky logo add a touch of elegance to this saddle pad. The central placement of the logo allows for easy customisation with your embroidered logo.

Dressage Saddle Pads - Active Equine

This dressage saddle pad features a girth strap instead of annoying saddle straps, providing convenience and comfort for your horse. It is also machine washable at 30°, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Key Features Include:

  • Wave quilting design
  • No saddle straps, only girth strap
  • Subtle leather logo
  • Room to embroider

For a complete look, pair it with the Fly Veil Wellington with Leather Edge

Kentucky Horsewear products are known for their breathability and softness, ensuring your horse's comfort. If quality and attention to detail are what you look for in your tack, then look no further.

Active Equine offers a wide range of saddle pads, including half saddle pads, dressage saddle pads, non-slip saddle pads, and jump saddle pads, to suit your needs. With the proper care, your saddle pads can last for years, providing you and your horse with many happy rides together.

So if you are looking for a high-quality saddle pad that is suitable for your horse and your riding discipline, contact us here, and we’ll get back to you with the information you need.