Rainsheet Horse Rugs, does my horse need one?

We have a great range of 0g rainsheet horse rugs at Active Equine. Our aim is to provide Australian riders with the best horse rugs for all weather conditions!

Does my horse need a rainsheet rug?

YES, but why?!

A rainsheet horse rug is one of the most versatile rugs you can have. They can be used almost all year round, from cool summer nights, rainy spring days and right through to winter where you can layer a 0g rug with a stable rug or woollen rug for optimal warmth.

In short, a rainsheet rug is like a lightweight waterproof jacket. You can add or remove a jumper underneath for extra warmth and know you will stay dry!

Here's our top recommended rainsheet horse rugs for Australian horses!

Best Value Rainsheet Horse Rug

For a cost effective rainsheet rug that's great quality without the hefty price tag you cant go past the Active Equine Rainsheet Turnout Rug.

It's super value at under $140, specially considering it has a detachable neck rug and is fully mesh lined!

Cheap rainsheet horse rug australia

Best Rainsheet Rug for Bigger Horses

For heavier breeds, you can't go past a Premier Equine Rainsheet Rug. They have an extra generous drop and are super adjustable around the chest.

Like with most of our range, the Premier Equine 0g Rainsheet Rug also comes with a detachable neck rug for greater flexibility.

Premier Equine 0g Rainsheet Rug Australia

Best Luxury Rainsheet Horse Rug

For luxury you just cant go past the Kentucky Horsewear Range.

Available in two styles, the "Turnout Pro" is the top of the range 1680D rainsheet rug.

The "All Weather" style is a great value option for riders who want a top quality Kentucky horse rug without compromising on fit and style.

Kentucky Horsewear Luxury Rainsheet Horse Rug