Show Jumping Horse Boots | A Review Of Each Style From PEI

Show Jumping Horse Boots - which style to choose? 

With so many choices in showjumping horse boots available today, it can be challenging to work out which style horse show jumping boot is best. Which is why we created this handy review for you!

First let us define what we mean by a 'Show Jumping horse boot' as these are quite different from everyday brushing boots or cross country boots. For us, showjumping boots are:

  • Open front style for the fronts and sometimes for the rear.
  • Fetlock style for the rear (more on the different types later).
  • Are attached with velcro, elastic or 'hook and loop' straps.
  • Lightweight but with good tendon and ligament protection.

Now that we have explained a little more about the style of boot, lets dive into the reviews!

1. Kevlar Airtechnology Tendon Boots

These show jumping boots are one of the most basic styles that are suitable for most horses when show jumping. 

What we love about these is that they include kevlar layers to protect your horse while still being super lightweight.

The inner padding includes a layer of neoprene that has been engineered with hundreds of tiny holes to improve airflow which is topped with a ‘quick dry’ lining for added hose comfort.

To add to this, technical silicone air vents are placed on the outside to further direct air around the horses leg, keeping the leg cooler when working.

In short, we love these PEI show jumping boots because they include so many technical features at such an affordable price.

Find matching hind boots here: PEI Kevlar Airtechnology Fetlock Boots.

PEI Airtechnology Tendon Boot | Active Equine

2. PEI Techno Wool Tendon Boots

Similar to the Kevlar Airtechnology Boots, the Techno Wool show jumping horse boots include kevlar reinforcement and Airtechnology silicone ventilation inlets to provide superior cooling of the leg.

The lining of these boots not only look fancy (who doesn’t love the fluffy look?!), the top quality wool lining also serves a purpose. 

For horses that are sensitive to boot rubs, or have sensitive skin, wool lines show jumping boots can make a huge difference!

Our summary, choose these boots if you have a sensitive horse or if you just love the look! Either way, your horse will be ultra comfortable!

Find matching hind boots here: Techno Wool Fetlock Boots

PEI Techno Wool Tendon Boots | Active Equine

3. PEI Kevlar Air Tech Fetlock LITE Horse Boots

While we shared the link to these above, we thought they deserved a special mention. 

Yes, these boots match the Kevlar Air Technology Tendon Boots but they also are important for another reason.

They have been designed to comply with EA and FEI International rules for 'Young Horse' classes, Second rounds, Finals and Pony Classes where some standard fetlock boots may not be suitable. 

They are also perfect for eventing horses where a large hind boot is not desired.

The interior length on both medium and large size boots does not exceed 16cm which makes them BS and International rules compatible - Updated as at 20th May 2019.

We think these are a great multi-purpose hind boot and a fantastic value option for riders needing a young horse compliant fetlock boot for show jumping classes.

We hope you found this review helpful in choosing the right PEI show jumping boots for your horse.

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Happy riding!