FAQ Answer - Re-Proofing

  • We designed Active Equine turnout rugs for value and performance. As such, we encourage you to care for your rugs to prolong their life for the seasons to come.
  • Turnout rugs generally benefit from reproofing as they age. The amount of time your rug spends 'out in the sun' is the biggest factor.
  • When not in use, we suggest bringing your rugs inside rather than hanging them over the gate. It also helps for those horses who like to take them off the gate and play with them!!
  • If the water no longer ‘beads off’ your rug, we suggest using a quality re-proofer such as Nikwax or other quality product designed for outdoor fabrics.  
  • Remember that re-proofing will help keep the waterproof performance of your rug, however it doesn't replace the original waterproof membrane of the rug so ongoing care is always best.