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    Our Horse rug bundles are a versatile and practical option to ensure your horse is warm and snug all winter long.

    Our turnout rugs to take your horse right through from the first cold snap in Autumn to the crisp nights and beautiful days of Spring each year! Fittings for liner attachments on neck can be used with or without liners. 

    Our liners come in three weights. The 100g liner is the perfect addition for most winters. It is suitable for most clipped or unclipped horses during winter and we mainly recommend its use with a 0g or 100g top rug like our Primo Turnout Rug.

    If you are looking for more warmth or have have clipped horse we recommend the 200g liner.

    If your horse really feels the cold you can layer both the 100g and 200g liner to create an ultra warm 300g liner!