How many grams is the right weight rug for my horse?

How many grams is the right weight rug for my horse??


We are asked this so often!

Yes....all horses are different....but there are some simple ways you can choose the right weight rug for your horse.

1. If you love to layer (hello you with a cotton, doona and top rug over there! We see you!) go for a lighter weight top rug. 0g or 50g will suit most parts of AUS, or go for a 100g if you're in a cooler area.

2. If you love simplicity....lets face it....who doesn't! 🙋‍♀️ Choose a 0g for the majority of the year and a 200g or 300g for the cooler months. Easy peasy!

3. If your horse is clipped - 200g or 300g for the winter with an under rug if they are really feeling it or live outdoors.

4. If your horse is unclipped - 0g, 50g if you're in a warmer area or up to 100g if you're in the cooler parts.

5. Always remember that your horse is better off a little cold than too hot! He can't cool himself down like we can....but he can eat a little more hay to keep himself warm from the inside. Horses are amazing like that!

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