Part 3 - Maintaining Your Winter Horse Rugs

In articles one and two of this series, we discussed the materials used in the most common types of horse rugs available. If you have taken the time to look through our product range you will see that whilst they are competitively priced, they aren’t incredibly cheap either. Quality materials and craftsmanship demands a fair price, but with the right care and knowledge, your quality horse rugs will give you many years of serviceability. In this article we will cover some simple tips you can employ to make sure your horse rugs last. 

Like all items of tack, winter horse rugs are not indestructible and will experience wear and tear from regular use throughout the year. A consistent, informed and simple maintenance routine will maximise the life of your horse rugs. Here are the simple steps we employ to get the most out of our horse rugs:


Check for small tears -  in the fabric and look for signs of wear on any buckles, surcingles and leg straps. Repairing small damages early will extend the life of your rugs. Small tears happen all the time and become bigger tears quickly so check your rugs often.


Find a Horse rug repair or Upholsterer -  that can replace broken straps and buckles and mend rips and tears. Time may be of the essence so having their number handy can prevent worrisome delays.


Washing - is definitely not as easy as doing your own laundry. We highly recommend that you carefully read the washing instructions and make sure you understand them. Cutting corners during the washing process (like using hot water, strong detergents, pressure cleaners, dryers etc) can create immediate and lasting damage. 

Unless you have the machinery, time and products best suited to your product, we’d strongly encourage you to employ the services of a professional Horse Rug Cleaner. They can wash your rugs, re-waterproof and (in some cases) even repair your rug, giving it a whole new lease on life. Think of the time you’ll save as time you could invest in being with your horse…..or a good book.


Storage - prior to storing your rugs at the end of the season:

  • brush off any dirt on the outside of the rug and spot clean
  • use a curry comb or vacuum to remove hair from the lining of the rug
  • follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions or use a rug washing service
  • give a good airing out and ensure it is dried well before putting into storage
  • check all appendages for wear and tear and have them repaired or replaced
  • Re-waterproof your canvas rugs and dry
  • storing them in an air tight, rodent proof bin

In summary……

Winter horse rugs that are purchased with pre existing product knowledge, an understanding of the materials used and a good handle on how to care for them will ensure that every purchase is one that will last.

At Active Equine we love riding, engaging with riders and providing the highest quality product range and advice. We believe that with the knowledge we have provided here, you are well on your way to making informed decisions that your horse will love you for. 

So please don’t be afraid to drop us a line with a question or product insight you have. Sharing in our community is key to ensuring all horses are treated with the love and respect they deserve……and as horsey people…..we want nothing more than that.