How to self-isolate with horses during COVID-19

As the world bunkers down to minimise the spread of COVID-19, horse owners across the world are suddenly experiencing monumental change. There are no horse shows, coaches aren't sure whether they can continue to train people and leaving the house for non-essential travel is out of the question.

We sincerely hope that you, and your families and friend stay safe during this time. We also want to acknowledge and thank our front line workers who are out there fighting for our health and for our ability to move through this.

Here at Active Equine we have implemented a significant number of changes to keep our staff, families and customers safe. So while it's business as (un)usual, we are all working hard to keep orders pumping out!

All staff are working from home where they can and we have implemented social distancing where working from home is not possible. All deliveries are contactless and we are frequently disinfecting all workspaces. 

We hope that by playing our part in #stayinghome to 'flatten the curve' we will be able to stop the spread of COVID-19 and begin the long road to recovery.

To help you through this time, we put together a list of things you can do with your horses to ride it out:

Enter an Online Horse Show

Line up that iPhone and put on your best gear, there are some great online horse shows running to test whether your training is staying on track! Plus no need for early starts to make it to the show in time for your class! We love that!

Here are some of our favourites (click on the links to find out more):

  2. HORSE EVENTS VIRTUAL (UK) - includes BD and BE dressage tests
  3. DRESSAGE ANYWHERE (UK) - dressage with a huge range of categories
  4. HAYGRAZER E-RIDER (UK) - dressage
  5. THE MANE SHOW (UK) - show horse and dressage
  6. ONLINE HORSE SHOWING  (UK) - show horse
  7. HORSE SHOWS ONLINE (UK) - show horse
  10. GLOBAL SHOWING (UK) - includes some great fun classes for kids
  11. BITLESS INC. (AUS) - huge range of classes sans-bridle!

Online Horse Show List - During COVID - Active Equine

Call your Equine Bestie

Face time your best friend..and their horse?? Need we say more! 

Head out to the paddock and with a pair of headphones and talk to your stable bestie while you give your horse a good groom and pampering session. It will do wonders for you both..and your horses will love it also!

Prepare your Horse for COVID - Plan Ahead

We aren't sure what each day will bring at the moment so making sure you are prepared is one of the best ways to avoid stress. We suggest:

  • Working out exactly how much horse feed, hay and any medications you need for a month and making sure you have access to supply.
  • Although you won’t be able to take your horse beyond your property if you’re self-isolating, aim to ensure your horse is kept happy with sufficient exercise and stimulation, if possible increasing time in the paddock, amending feeding quantities accordingly and try providing any existing stable toys to keep his mind occupied as much as possible.
  • Finding out how your vet and farrier are managing their businesses during this time.
  • Check in with your coach and see how they are going. They may even be able to help you with your riding over video they cant visit in person. We also found this new app from the Equiratings team that looks like it will be a great toll during lockdowns! Check the OnForm app out here at Equiratings
  • Work out what you might need for the upcoming season. In Australia winter is on its way so make sure your winter rugs are in good repair, or search online for horse rugs you might need to buy if the weather suddenly turns cold.
  • Re-stock your first aid kit. Better to be prepared!

Binge Watch some Horse Videos  

We don't really need encouraging here.....


Once again, we would like to wish all our friends and customers all the best in these challenging times. Stay Safe.


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