Horse Rug Sizes - A Comprehensive Horse Chart To Fitting Your Horse Rug with BONUS Fitting Tips

Horse rug size chart - find out what horse rug size is for you!

This rug sizes for horses size chart and diagrams below provide comprehensive guide for how to measure a horse for a rug and determine which horse rug size you need. 

To add to the challenge, our horse friends across the world refer to sizing differently so you can also use this guide to convert AUS sizes to NZ sizes, EURO sizes and US sizes. How handy is that?!

This horse rug size guide shows you how to:

  • Measure a horse for a rug
  • Measure your existing horse rugs to compare and determine a size
  • Convert horse rug sizes from AUS to NZ, EURO and US sizes
  • Check the fit of your rug is correct when on the horse

1. How to measure a horse for a rug

This is the most accurate way to determine the correct rug size.
Measure in a straight line from the centre of the horse's chest (where the top chest buckle would sit), around the shoulder, along the side of the belly to the furthest rear point of the rump, or where you expect the rug to finish.

Make sure not to measure around to the tail as this will add a few extra inches.
Ask a friend if they can help you to measure, as an extra pair of hands is helpful to hold the tape at the front so you can keep the tape level and select where you want the rug to finish.

HANDY HINT: If you don't have someone to hold the front of the tape, you can leave a light rug on your horse and attach the tape to the front buckle. Be careful to keep the tape as close as possible to the horse. Too loose and the measurement won't be accurate. Try measuring an existing rug instead.

2. How to measure a horse rug to compare and determine the correct horse rug size

To ensure the best possible fit, we recommend that you take your horse measurement as set out above as well as measure an existing rug that fits.

Having both measurements to compare will assist in confirming the correct horse rug size for your horse.

Ideally measure a normal cotton or mesh paddock rug or similar lightweight fabric. Turnout horse rugs can be slightly longer to cater for chest overlap, and this will complicate the way you need to measure your existing horse rug.

Active Equine Horse Rugs are based on AUS sizes, so always compare with our horse rug conversion chart for optimal fit.

HANDY HINT: As every brand can be slightly different, please don't simply rely on the sizing label on your existing rug. A little extra time measuring now can save challenges later on!

Older rugs may have stretched or shrunk or the particular model may not be true to size.

To measure an existing rug, measure from the front edge of the rug, between the two chest straps, along the length of the rug, with the gusset closed, to the rear edge of the rug.

3. Convert rug sizes for horses from AUS to NZ, EURO and US sizes

Use the following horse rug conversion table to select the size you need.

5'0 3'9 105cm 60"
5'3 4'0 115cm 63"
5'6 4'3 120cm 66"
5'9 4'6 125cm 69"
6'0 4'9 135cm 72"
6'3 5'0 145cm 75"
6'6 5'3 150cm 78"
6'9 5'6 155cm 81"

How do you measure a horse for Australian horse rugs?

Australian horse rug sizes are measured from chest buckle to the end of the rug. This is displayed in feet and inches.

New Zealand horse rug sizes are measured along the spine. Like Australian horse rugs, this is also displayed in feet an inches so always double check that you really want a 4'9 NZ horse rug and not a 4'9 AUS pony rug!

How do you measure a horse for European horse rugs?

European horse rug sizes are measured along the spine and in centimetres (cm).

How do you measure a horse for US horse rugs?

US horse rug sizes are measured in inches and are measured the same as Australian horse rug sizes, from chest buckle to the end of the rug.

HANDY HINT: Measure the distance from the centre of the chest across the point shoulder to the centre of the tail. Take 4" off for a Turnout and 7" off for a stable. Using this guideline will mean that your horse will probably require one size larger for his turnout rug than for his stable rug. 

4. Check the fit of your horse rug is correct when on the horse

When a horse rug fits well, it will sit evenly on your horse, provide adequate cover and be comfortable to wear.

The front of the horse rug should be done up with a small gap, snugly, where the gullet meets the chest.

HANDY HINT: The top chest strap should be able to be done up comfortably. If you can only do it up on the last hole or clip, you may need a larger size.

Remember that every horse is shaped differently, so consider the needs of your horse on a case by case basis.

A well fitting neckline will sit well up on the neck, clear of the shoulder, does up snugly under the neck, with the shoulder gussets correctly positioned on the point of the shoulder. The rug should sit firmly around the neckline & chest, & be in front of the wither.

The cheek of the horses rump will often stick out past the end of the rug when fitted correctly. If the horse rug is too long, it can cause the rug to pull backwards and can get in the way of the horses tail.

The seam where the tail flap attaches to the rug should sit at the top of the tail – if it sits beyond the top of the tail the rug is too big, or above the tail it is too small.

Leg straps should be loose enough to prevent chafing, but not hanging low. We also recommend looping them around or “through” each other.

Face leg straps inwards (towards the horse). This way they are less likely to catch on fences and get less clogged with mud when they roll.

Surcingles/belly bands should be adjusted so they cross in the centre of the belly & allow approx. a hands width between straps & belly.

The most common cause of rub marks is incorrect sizing. If a horse rug is to small rub marks are generally found on the shoulders. If a rug is too big, rub marks will generally be found on the front chest area or wither as the rug slides back.

Horses with a thicker winter coat may be more susceptible to rubbing. Make sure you keep under rugs exceptionally clean during this time.

Horse Rugs For Winter

If your horse is wearing rugs for extended periods (as can happen during winter) it can sometimes cause rubbing. If you are intending to keep rugs on 24/7 we always suggest the use of a bib underneath the horse rug.

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