FAQ Answer - Horse Rug Weight

  • The warmth of your horse rug depends on the amount of 'fill' incorporated into the rug and is measured in grams per square metre (eg 0g, 180g or 220g).
  • Active Equine horse rugs are available in a range of weights, from 0g fill to 220g fill.
  • Selecting the correct horse rug weight depends on your local climate and your individual horse.
  • If your horse is particularly 'hot' or has a thick coat and only feels the cold when it is almost snowing, they may be comfortable in a 0g 'rainsheet' type rug which keeps them dry and breaks the wind but does not have additional polyfill.
  • If your horse is clipped, or feels the cold, a 220g rug combined with a woollen or doona rug will give you the flexibility of adding warmth in the evening, and allowing the extra layer to be removed during the day when the sun comes out.
  • Still need help selecting the best horse rug weight? Send us an e-mail or DM, we're happy to help you decide!