FAQ Answer - Neck Rug Fill

  • One of the most common reasons for mane rubbing or hair falling out in the mane is overheating.
  • For that reason, the Active Equine turnout range includes detachable neck rugs that have less polyfill than the body of the rug to give you flexibility to ensure your horse is comfortable.
  • If the neck becomes too warm, moisture accumulates and combines with the natural oils in your horses mane. This can then cause the delicate mane hairs to 'grab' and be rubbed out as your horse moves around.
  • To avoid this, keep the mane as clean as possible.
  • Using a mane and tail spray or coat shine can assist in keeping the mane 'smooth' and reduce the possibility of tearing.
  • Always keep the neck rug clean by using a neck rug or hood with satin lining along the mane. This is easy to wash and will prolong the life of your rug.
  • If no under rug is used, clean your rug regularly using warm water and a soft brush to clean any accumulation of grease gently. Let the neck rug dry in shade before using again.